DYZ Eye Hospital consists of special facilities designed to provide the highest quality eye care and treatment to patients with eye problems all under one roof.

Latest techniques & equipment

Dyz Eye Hospital is equipped with all the latest tools and advanced machinery necessary to perform successful eye surgeries and eye exams, so you can receive the best eye care in Karachi.

Highly skilled staff & friendly environment:

The multidisciplinary and highly qualified doctors in the DYZ Eye Hospital consist of ophthalmic surgeons, orthoptist, a well trained medical staff, paediatric ophthalmologist, paediatric optometrist and others trained in ophthalmic procedures.

All of our patients’ needs have been taken into account when designing the facilities, which are spacious, bright, and airy throughout. You can expect the best possible treatment process at DYZ Eye Hospital since our staff is well trained and disciplined.

In-House Pharmacy/Opticians:

Saving you the trouble of visiting local pharmacies asking for our doctors prescribed medicines. Get the medicines, lenses or even glasses right before you leave at our built-in pharmacy and expert opticians. We believe in offering you a stress-free process throughout.

Excellent Accessibility & Eye Inspection:

Having clear signage makes it easy for you to find our location, park, and find your way directly to the ground floor department, so you can arrive stress-free for your appointment.

Unlike in other places, our eye inspection tests have been specifically designed to follow the right eye care procedures. As a result, patients are treated in the best way possible. 

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